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ABC TRANSFER designs, manufactures, and distributes, sterile transfer solutions for pharmaceutical applications. Discover our range of products.


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“We have developed a range of high-quality Rapid Transfer Systems (RTS) with aseptic transfer solutions in collaboration with pharmaceutical and isolator companies. Patient safety, increased regulation, essential requirements for manufacturing next-generation pharmaceutical drugs (such as cell therapy, nanopowders, new anticancer treatments, etc.), automation, and other trends are among the many challenges the pharmaceutical industry must address.”

Thierry Girard and Jean-Luc Schneider
Experts in transfer solutions for the pharma industry for over 25 years

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ABC Transfer® a complete range of aseptic transfer systems

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ABC Transfer has been created by aseptic industry experts in co-development with pharma and isolator companies. By meeting the challenges in the pharma industry, our company is committed to developing high-quality standard transfer solutions to ensure patient safety, user comfort and process security.


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ABC Transfer is a global company, our Aseptic transfer solutions are sold worldwide thanks to the support of a network of distributors. Find your local distributor or contact our headquarter for any question or demo.


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