ABC Transfer®
Alpha Port

The genuine external opening Alpha Port.

Our range of rapid transfer ports, ABC Transfer’s Alpha Ports, ensure safe sterile and aseptic transfers for isolator systems in pharmaceutical filling lines. Our Alpha ports, rapid transfer port are compatible with other brands and fully comply with the Annex 1 of the European GMP.


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Reduced contamination risks

With a revolutionary seal design – our EasyGlide™ system – and new sterility assurance features with safety locks, ABC Transfer® Alpha Ports are cGMP assured.


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FDA and USP class 6 silicone seals

No hidden surface

Smaller ring of concern

Class 1 leaktightness

0.5 µm surface rugosity

Easy cleaning operations

Limited extractables

Fewer particles generated during connection

Fixed seals

No filters

External opening to protect your process


alpha port
Improved regulatory compliance


Easy handling and maintenance

With the ABC Transfer® Alpha Port, you are in full control of your ergonomic options. You can select the internal or the external opening option or combine both with our rapid transfer port. It is even possible to operate one option and upgrade to the other during your annual summer shut down maintenance. Such is the flexibility of the ABC Transfer® Alpha Port’s modular design.


Ergonomic internal opening lever

External opening lever

Large range of levers and handles

Programable door opening

Reduced rotation torque

Weight reduced by 30%

Easy seal replacement

Modular construction for simplified maintenance


Our commitments

Improved regulatory compliance

The ABC Transfer’s Alpha Port has been developed in compliance with FDA 21CFR & USP Class VI.



Improved regulatory compliance

Rapid Transfer Port solution

ABC Transfer®
Rapid Transfer Port solution


Classic Alpha Port

With ABC Transfer, opening an Alpha Port from inside a machine has never been so easy. Regardless of its position on the isolator, the ABC Transfer® Alpha Port can be opened and closed with no effort.

Your health and safety managers are happier and your quality managers have one less problem to worry about during inspection.

  • A unique opening and closing system
  • Lighter than conventional RTP, the gloveless Alpha Port is a dream come true.


Gloveless Alpha Port… a dream come true

Although the idea of opening an Alpha Port from the outside of an isolator is not new, the innovative and simple approach adopted by ABC Transfer is. This is possible because we have gone back to the drawing board to design our Alpha Port.

  • Reduced risks of particulate or biological contamination aligned with GMP
  • Simplified validation process
  • More ergonomic process
  • Possibility to upgrade a Classic Alpha Port to a Gloveless Alpha Port

Double-wall isolator assembly

The introduction of double-wall isolators, particularly glass wall isolator, has provided customers with many operational and regulatory benefits. Conventional RTPs were designed before this isolator technology existed.

ABC Transfer has designed its rapid transfer port range to be integrated into double-wall as well as on single-wall isolators.


Alpha Port built in two separate bodies

No need to build a complicated stainless steel plate

Compatible with other options

Discover our new external opening Alpha Port

Available in Ø190 and Ø270mm


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