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Single-use Bags 

ABC Transfer® Betacleanbag™:
Safeguard patient health with our next-generation Betabags.


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abc transfer single use bags

Ultra cleanliness and ergonomic Betabag

Our range of next-generation Betabags brings significant improvements to sterility assurance and operator ergonomics. Designed specifically for parenteral products applications, our Betacleanbags® can be used for many more.

Our Betacleanbag™ are compatible with other brands. Whether you are already in production or are planning a new project that requires transferring stoppers, media plates, liquids, cleaning kits or vials or eliminate waste, our Betacleanbags™ provide the solution to your problems.

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Available in Ø 190mm

Tyvek/HDPE for steam sterilization (10, 25 or 30l)

PE/EVOH/PE for gamma sterilization (30l)



ABC Transfer® single-use bags solution

The ABC Transfer® system betabag complies with the new Annex 1 of the European GMP which calls for additional precautions in the management of sterile production.

The revolutionary ABC Transfer® Alpha Port is designed to eliminate manual operations inside the isolator. ABC Transfer® Betacleanbag™ and handling trolleys are specially designed to take advantage of these features. The ABC Transfer® connector is shaped for gloveless aseptic transfers. It has no sharp edges and it facilitates the flow of components. The beta door does not rotate during connection and disconnection, which reduces particles production.
Our Betacleanbags™ are compatible with other brands of Alpha Ports.

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Ultra clean by design

The ABC Transfer® system and supply chain are designed to avoid the contamination of your components by the packaging materials and during the transfer operations. Stoppers are kept clean and sterile from production to injection. The connector is shaped with no sharp edges, which can cause shocks and generate micro-particles.

The door opening motion is optimized to remove the rotation found on conventional systems. Particles production during connection are reduced to a minimum.

The entire supply chain has been designed to minimize particulate and Bioburden contamination during production and transportation. Strict quality control and batch release procedures, aligned with cGMP, ensure consistent performance.


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Betabags and eco-responsibility

We strive to reduce our environmental impact and actively contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality.

ABC Transfer® Betacleanbag™ uses 50% less plastic than conventional solutions. Furthermore, the modular construction of the products, combined with the absence of welding, enables the recyclability of all their components. We provide a complete suite of recyclability solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

To further our commitment, we compensate 100% of our CO2 production. One tree is planted in French forests for every 10 ABC Transfer® Betacleanbags™ produced.


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Available in Ø 190mm

Tyvek/HDPE for steam sterilization (10, 25 or 30l)

PE/EVOH/PE for gamma sterilization (30l)

Tyvek/HDPE ULTRA™ for steam sterilization (30l)

PE/EVOH/PE ULTRA™ for gamma sterilization (30l)


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