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As a global provider, we design, manufacture and distribute sterile transfer solutions for pharmaceutical applications. We aim to respond to the key challenges and unmet needs in aseptic transfer solutions in the global pharma and biotech industry. Through the high-quality and reliability of our solutions, we contribute to the safety and the ergonomics of RTS in pharma in an environmentally responsible manner.


Advanced aseptic transfer

Our mission


Co-development with pharma to better address unmet needs

ABC Transfer has been created by aseptic industry experts in co-development with pharma and isolator companies. This collaboration began with conducting a feasibility study which revealed more than 50 opportunities for improvement in aseptic manufacturing process and in Rapid Sterile Transfer Systems: GMP compliance, ease of cleaning, sterility assurance and ultra-cleanliness, lifecycle cost, maintenance, ergonomics, productivity, health and safety in production and social and environmental impacts, amongst others.


Engaged in high-quality standards

By meeting the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, our company is committed to developing high-quality standard transfer solutions to ensure patient safety, user comfort and process security.


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We go the extra mile and innovate hand-in-hand with pharma

In partnering with the pharmaceutical industry, we have a solid understanding of the requirements needed to support innovative therapies and thus provide future-proof solutions in aseptic transfer systems.

Our aim is to support pharma in its future challenges with evolutive products designed in sterile transfer syste to comply with tomorrow’s requirements:


Alpha door automation

Filling lines automation

Single-use ported bags disruptive evolutions

Sterility assurance for future industry regulation



Join us as a development partner

A global team of experts in pharma sterile transfer systems

Thanks to the passion and engagement of more than 50 highly-talented industrial experts from across the globe, ABC Transfer provides you with high-performance solutions and services.


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Thierry Girard

Thierry Girard

President – CCO & CFO

Thierry Girard has 30 years’ experience as an executive in mid-size industrial companies, including the parmaceutical and medical device sectors, and managing complex international B2B relationships.

Jean-Luc Schneider

Jean-Luc Schneider

Managing Director – CTO & COO

Jean-Luc Schneider has 25 years’ experience as Product Manager, Design Office Manager and Industrial Organization Manager.

An engaged extended team


A network of GMP industrial experts

We have developed an extensive industrial network with strong technological competencies to ensure GMP across the whole value chain.


A network of distributors around the globe

Headquarter in France, with manufacturing in France and Germany, ABC Transfer has a worldwide presence through distributors across Europe, Asia and the North America.


Strong financial backing

We have built strong financial backing from professional private equity investors, Bpi  (Banque Publique d’Investissements), and the regional council, as well as various innovation funding organizations.

Our eco-responsibility

As a socially responsible enterprise, we are committed to limiting our impact on the environment. We have focused on being carbon neutral from the start of our operations. We aim to reduce pollution and our carbon footprint by designing and manufacturing our sterile transfer products in an eco-responsible manner.


Certificat-plantation-ABC-Transfer_ReforestAction_2020-07-06-1024x1024-1-1 (3)

We prioritize lowering the environmental impact of our products:

No Bisphenols and no Phtalates in our single-use ported bags

30% fewer plastics

30% less stainless steel

All our products are 100% recyclable

Fighting global warming by offsetting our carbon footprint

More can be done to reduce our impact on the environment. ABC Transfer has subscribed to an environmental programme, Reforest’Action, to compensate for our residual carbon emissions.

This programme is executed in France and its timely implementation is permanently controlled.

As a valued customer, we offer you the opportunity to participate in this programme and actively contribute to the daily fight against global warming.


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Key Figures


Founded in July 2019


Raised €10M in financing


Implemented 70 improvement features


Co-developed with 50 industrials experts


More than 60 customers


14 patents pending


Collaborated with 6 GMP industrial partners

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