ABC Transfer®
Ultra™ system

Gloveless transfers made ABC easy.

ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ is the first aseptic transfer system specifically designed for the sterile transfer of components via ported bags, without the need for glove ports. It combines State-of-the-Art yet simple technologies: the ABC Transfer® gloveless alpha port, the ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ Betacleanbag™ and the ABC Transfer® manually operated guiding channel.


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Annex 1 compliant

ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ can be assembled on RABS, as part of an Annex 1-related upgrade or on isolators. Thanks to the unique design of the ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ Betacleanbag™, ULTRA™ can be assembled on either an inclined or vertical wall.


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Flat inner flange

No obstacle to the flow of components

No obstacle to the alpha door closure even when components get stuck

No inner sleeve

No endocrine disruptors

ABC ULTRA - annex 1 compliant
ABC TRANSFER - Gloveless alpha port


ABC Transfer® Gloveless Alpha Port

Space on isolator walls comes at a premium. This is why our new gloveless alpha ports feature foldable handles. They are extended during operations to improve operational ergonomics and folded back when the isolator doors must be opened. A wide variety of shapes and sizes is available to fit every isolator design.

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ABC Transfer® Gloveless chute

Although the Easyglide™ seal is designed to reduce the surface of the ring of concern,
microbiological studies conducted by ABC Transfer and SKAN have shown that up to one CFU can remain on its surface, in a grade C environment. The ABC Transfer gloveless chute is designed to protect components from this potential source of contamination and guide them to a hopper or a vibrating bowl. The chute is made of electropolished 316L stainless steel and is autoclavable as required by cGMP.



ABC TRANSFER innovation

Aseptic Transfer Solution

ABC Transfer® Ultra™ system

Sterile transfer of components via ported bag.

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ABC ULTRA Alpha Port

Simple and quick

The ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ gloveless chute is purely mechanical and manually operated. It combines a very high reliability with superb ergonomics and superior operational efficiency. A full opening-closing cycle can be achieved in less than 30 seconds. The production operator is constantly in full control of the process.

No power supply required, no software required.

single use bag 1


Although the ABC Transfer® ULTRA™ system is a standard solution, it can be adapted to fit the specific needs of the end user. The absence of cables and electric connectors makes it possible to integrate ULTRA™ into the cramped environment of modern isolators.
The system can be operated from the right or left side and fits vertical walls as well as inclined walls up to 45°.

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