ABC Transfer® :
A complete range of Rapid Transfer Port (RTP)

ABC Transfer®, a complete range of aseptic transfer systems to improve pharma processes: cGMP design, ergonomics and regulatory compliance.

ABC Transfer - Range of rapid transfer systems

Proved and tested

ABC Transfer® System, a powerful & complete transfer system

The complete ABC Transfer® System (RTP) is designed to power up rapid transfers in pharmaceutical filling lines.


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Minimal operations inside isolators

Easy integration on double wall isolators

Class 1 transfer system (ISO 10648)

Validated Alpha and Beta connections

Reduced ring of concern

Reduced friction thanks to EasyGlide™ patented silicon seals

Modular design for simplified maintenance

Reduced weight for easier handling


ABC Transfer®: ABC Ultra™ system, Ported bags, Alpha Ports, Beta Containers and accessories


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How our future-proof RTS solutions help you innovate

As the development of new therapies advance from clinical trials to commercialization, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to go further in sterility assurance and ergonomics & security for operators; we design solutions in anticipation of these future needs in your filling lines.
These include the automation of Alpha Ports and filling lines, disruptive evolutions of single-use bags, and sterility assurance for future industry regulations.


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The ABC Transfer® Alpha Port

The product has been designed to improve operational ergonomics, RTP increase the level of aseptic transfer and sterility assurance in production, and simplify its maintenance. The port is manually operated; is compatible with gloveless filling lines. It can be operated by a robotic arm.


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Cleaner manufacturing for a healthier world

Everyone around the globe is aware of the need to take care of our planet. At ABC Transfer, we too, take this responsibility seriously. That is why we developed our ABC Transfer range of solutions as carbon neutral from the very start, with 30% less plastic, 30% less stainless steel in Alpha doors and Beta Containers, and no bisphenols. All products are 100% recyclable.


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abc transfer - range of rapid transfer port


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