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ABC Transfer® Betacleanbags™ :
Safeguard patient’s health with our range of next generation bags.

ABC Transfer® Betacleanbags™  combine cGMP compliance, ultracleanliness, ergonomics and eco-responsibility.

Our range of next generation Single-Use Ported-Bags bring significant improvements to your sterility assurance and operator ergonomics.

Designed specifically for parenteral products applications, our Betacleanbags™ can be used for many more.

Our Betacleanbags™ are compatible with other brands.

Whether you are already in production or are planning a new project, in which you need to transfer stoppers, media plates, liquids, cleaning kits or vials or eliminate waste, our Betacleanbags™ are the solution to your problems.

Contact us and let’s discuss how our new advanced Betacleanbags™ can give you the edge.

Available in ø 190mm :

  • 25L Double Tyvek – steam bag
  • 30L PE/EVOH/PE with chute – gamma bag



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