ABC Transfer has created a range of aseptic transfer systems with high-quality standards for pharmaceutical filing lines. We have placed ease of cleaning, sterility assurance and ultra-cleanliness as top priorities, making it easier for you to comply with pharma regulations.

We make it easier for you to comply with pharma regulations.

High-quality standards to prevent contamination

Our RTS range of solutions aims to go further in reducing bioburden, endotoxins and particles contamination. With a high level of excellence in our materials, design and manufacturing, we are supporting an ultra-clean supply chain:

  • Revolutionary seal design reducing friction
  • Designed to ensure no liquid retention
  • New safety locks
  • Connection with single and double wall isolators

Because patients’ safety also depends on health and safety of operators and maintenance crews, we have made sterile transfers easier:

  • Better designed handling equipment 
  • External opening of doors
  • CIP/SIP capability (stainless steel)
  • State-of-the-art QC accessories

ABC Transfer®, a GMP compliant technology along the whole value chain, from design to manufacturing



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